A tree-lined street with century-old oaks and stately, ancient homes has great curb appeal. However, before you invest your life savings into purchasing an antique home with tons of character, make sure you know what you are signing up for. Keep in mind that there is a huge commitment in time, cost and energy. Do as much as you can before you make an offer to avoid unforeseen issues down the road.

Get Two Inspections

An inspector is human and prone to mistakes, even one used to dealing with older homes. It is worth the money to get a second inspection to ensure that you know all the required repairs, and count on there always being repairs. You should include a structural engineer and a bug expert in the inspection team.

Common Issues with Older…

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Should you buy a house in the CountryOwning a home in the country is a dream for many people. Wide open spaces, fresh air, plenty of room to do your own thing – it is understandable that living a rural lifestyle is appealing. But when you get down to the actual home buying process in a country environment, it is important to remember that such properties present a unique set of potential problems.



Things To Consider Before Buying A Home In The Country

1. Is the septic system in good working order?

Because rural areas lack a sewer system, country homes require a septic system to process waste produced in the home. As a buyer, you want to verify that the septic system is functional and adequate for the needs of the home. If the system has not been properly maintained, or if…

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The Best Time of Year to Buy or Sell in OntarioBuying and selling property in Ontario is very nuances. Seasons and weather factor heavily in determining the real estate market; the busiest time for both buying and selling is in the spring and to a lesser extent the fall. Unfortunately, if you are caught between these high times, it can be very difficult to move on a property. The conundrum is that in Ontario, the best time to buy and sell often coincide. So, it can be difficult to get a good deal (buying) and drive up asking prices (selling) when the market is so competitive

When to Sell

There is more inventory in the spring, so buyers come out to browse. Overall, despite increased competition, this works to the sellers' advantage. One pundit even crunched the number to project the absolute best…

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