Easy upgrades to add value to your Cambridge home Selling your home can feel like an overwhelming process but the one sure thing you can do to help speed up the process and get more return on your home is to improve the value of your home before it’s listed.

I’ve put together a list of the top things you can do that are both inexpensive and easy ways to increase your home’s value:

  • Get advice from a professional, like your realtor or interior decorator. This doesn’t need to take longer than an hour and they will give you some great starting points for areas that could use improvements. Alternately, consider hiring a professional organizer for the day and see what areas of your home could benefit from a professional’s touch.
  • Freshen up your house with paint. This is one of the easiest and most…

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Welcome to part two of my Mortgage 101 blog series. In this post I will be answering some more commonly asked questions about mortgages, particularly about mortgage terms and what types of mortgage rates are available to Canadians in the home buying process.

What is a mortgage term?
A mortgage term is the length of time that you are locked in to paying your mortgage on a fixed or variable rate. Most mortgage terms are five years long but you can also get longer terms. Right now, ten-year mortgage terms are attractive to home buyers because of the lower interest rate right now.

What’s the difference between fixed and variable mortgage rates?
A fixed mortgage rate means that your interest rate and mortgage payments will be the exact same for the…

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Getting a mortgage in OntarioIf you’re new to the home buying process, mortgages might seem a little complicated and overwhelming to you. Luckily, in today’s blog post I’m breaking down exactly what a mortgage is and the most important things you need to know about them.

What exactly is a mortgage?
A mortgage is a loan that is secured by property (the home you’re planning to purchase) and paid for over a set amount of time in installments.

How do I get a mortgage?
To get a mortgage, you will need to meet a variety of criteria set out by a lender. This will include things like credit history, income and assets. A mortgage lender can be a broker, a bank or credit union.

How big of a mortgage can I get?
The amount of your mortgage depends on your income. The more money you…

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