If you’re ready to sell your home and list it on the market, you’ll want to do a few key things to prepare it for viewing. Preparing your home for viewing and making sure it looks its very best can help it sell faster and for a higher amount. If you aren’t the type who can be bothered with all that, you might want to consider hiring a home stager to help guide you through the process!

Preparing your house for sale:

Work on the curb appeal. If you’ve heard the phrase “the first impression is a lasting impression”, you’ll understand how important your home’s curb appeal is. Depending on the season, make sure the lawn is freshly cut, the gardens are tidy and the lawn is free of toys and other clutter.

Clear the clutter. Speaking of clutter, get rid…

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If you’re looking for a new home, you might be trying to decide just how much house you should buy. In the past, the trend was to buy larger and larger homes, for a number of different reasons. Conventional wisdom said that you should buy as much house as you could afford because the most expensive property would be the best investment in the long run. Often, people purchased larger homes in hopes of impressing people or because they received a promotion or raise at work and saw it as something they “should” do.

However, this isn’t necessarily the case any more. If you’re planning on increasing your family size, running a home business or just need extra space, this probably won’t apply to you but I wanted to shed some light on why it can sometimes be…

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