Holding Off Offers for Review - Is it the right approach?Cambridge real estate is in high demand, and you may be preparing to list your home for sale soon. Because of how hot the local market is, many of our clients receive multiple offers within days of listing their properties for sale. This is a desirable situation for sellers to be in because multiple offers can create a bidding war situation that drives the sales price upward. A common question that local sellers have is if they should hold their initial offers for review to create a bidding war situation. Because of how frequently this happens in the local market, it is wise to think through this possibility.

Each transaction is unique, so there is not a catch-all solution for this. The reality is that numerous factors must be carefully reviewed by you…

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If you are starting to look for a new home to buy in the Cambridge area, it is important that you seek professional real estate advice and representation from a skilled agent. Cambridge real estate is in unprecedented demand, and many listings are only on the market for a few days. In addition, some properties receive multiple offers, and a bidding war ensues. At Dewar Realty, we can help you to get a great deal on a property that is right for you. There are several strategies that may be used to buy a houseĀ in the current market.

A Competitive Price Offer

In some real estate markets, it is reasonable for a buyer to make an offer below the asking price. However, because Cambridge real estate is in such high demand, this is usually not the case here.…

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