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Many people are making the decision to downsize from a larger family home into a smaller condo. Condo living may be more affordable and convenient because you do not have to care for the exterior of the building or the landscaping. The realtors at Dewar Realty, can help you find the perfect condo for your needs. However, because you are moving into a smaller space with neighbours closer by, it is important to properly prepare yourself for this new living experience.

Prepare to Live in a Smaller Space

You should take steps to downsize your belongings before you relocate to your new condo. Conduct thorough cleaning to eliminate unnecessary clutter. Determine which furnishings you will have room for in your new condo. For the items that will not fit in your new space, decide if you will sell them, donate them or store them in a self-storage unit. Condos usually have far less storage space than larger homes, and usually, do not have garage space. Consider that you may need to eliminate items from your closets, and reduce the items you currently have stored your basement and garage.

Hire Movers

Relocating from a home to a condo can take a lot of effort, and you should consider hiring movers to help with this process. A moving team may be able to more quickly and easily relocate your belongings to your new home, especially if the move involves an elevator or limited street access to your new home. Movers can help you to get settled into your new space faster. Movers may also take necessary steps to protect your possessions from damage during the move.

Adjust to Having Neighbors Closer to You

From your first day in your new condo, you may notice that you can hear your neighbours in surrounding units much more so than you could hear your neighbours when living in a home. They can also hear you and your pets. You may have to adjust to hearing their noises, and you also should adjust your own behaviours to minimize the noises they hear.

We are committed to helping you make this transition into a smaller space as beneficial as easy as possible. Finding the right condo for your needs and budget is the first step let us help. Call Dewar Realty at 519 208 9700 to get started.

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