The perfect home listing will attract the right buyers. Thanks to the internet, buyers can easily browse MLS listings to decide which homes are worth visiting without leaving home or work. Since first impressions matter, it is essential your realtor creates an enticing home listing that portrays your home in the most favourable light.

Basic MLS Listing Details

The main selling points of any home listing are the bedroom, bathroom, square feet, price, and location. Mention additional rooms in the home (attic, basement, laundry room, dining room, den, etc.) and the exterior details (patio, porch, pool, deck, backyard space, etc.). Include electric and gas appliances, heating/cooling systems, flooring type, and fireplace. Highlight any upgrades or recently replaced features of the home (roof, furnace, windows). GET EVERY DETAIL CORRECT.

Professional, Detailed Photographs of the Main Features

Professional photographs look like a photographer took the photographs. Pictures taken on phones or disposable cameras are blurry, faded, and dull compared to the clear, crisp, and sharp pixel quality professional cameras capture.

Detailed, professional photographs in real estate of the entire home are essential for an appealing listing. Take pictures of the exterior, the interior, and the backyard. There's too much home competition, and no photos next to a listing is unacceptable. Equally unacceptable is only exterior photographs or only interior photographs. You must show everything.

Here's why showing everything matters. It tells a story. It's a systematic process starting with the front exterior first, the interior next, and the backyard last. Consider it a photographic tour of the house.

Staging & Decluttering

Before that professional photographer arrives to take the pictures, declutter your home as much as possible. Remove all personal décor including photographs. Houses sell when people can envision themselves living there, do not let your unique personal items in photos distract people.

Editing and Proofreading

Real estate agents such as Greg Dewar may come equipped with copywriters on site or hire a third party to edit and proofread. For experienced professionals who can write persuasive copy with error-free results, the price is worth paying.

The editing and proofreading process is a DIY job as well. Sellers who sell the home without an agent are risking typos, missing information, and misinterpretations. Errors are reversible, yet it becomes too late to bring disappointed buyers back. Suddenly, writing a listing on the cheap doesn't seem worth it.

Watch for statements that are best left out of the MLS listing, and should only be included in the realtor comments. These statements can confuse house hunters and add concern unnecessarily.

A great realtor could provide a magnificent MLS listing that lures buyers to your home. One error and you lose a buyer permanently. A seller's proactive measure ensures the realtor is performing these tasks error-free in the home listing. 

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