Increasing Curb Appeal and Getting Buyers In The Door

Before you put money in to your home, the exterior should be taken care of. The first impression is made when potential buyers drive by your home or pull into your driveway. If it doesn’t look good, they are approaching with skepticism or they may just keep on driving!

While exterior improvements may not have a large ROI, compared to Interior improvements, they are essential. Anything on the outside of your home that needs improvement or replacement could significantly affect an offer price or the desire to place an offer at all. Some exterior items can have large price tags to fix and the average buyer won't be willing to assume major repairs. I know everyone has a different budget when preparing their home for sale, but if you want to receive top dollar for your home, try to complete as many tasks as possible from the list below.


A home that is ready for sale should have shingles that are in good shape, Eaves-trough that allows proper drainage, and Downspouts that direct water away from your foundation. Your Soffits & Facia should also be in good condition.

Exterior Walls

No matter what type of surface (Brick, Siding, Stucco, Etc..) there should be no damaged or missing material. Any existing issues should be rectified before you list.

Windows & Doors

Windows and doors should all open & close easily. If windows & doors are drafty or allow water to penetrate the home you should replace them with new Energy Efficient products or have them maintenance by a professional.

Exterior Structures

If your home currently has a Deck, Fence, or Shed - is it in good shape? Any wobbly structures are sure to raise concerns with a buyer. Make sure these items are sturdy. Consider repairing, removing, or replacing anything you feel has seen better days.

Driveway & Paths

Do you currently have pot holes or tripping hazards leading to your home? If so you may consider re-paving the drive, or re-leveling/replacing your walkways. The path to any entrance/exit should be clear. You should be able to get to and from doors and gates with ease (clear snow and lay salt in the winter).

Yard & Garden

Not everyone has a green thumb, but when you're selling your home you may want to spruce up the yard a little. Trimming the trees, having some nice gardens or plush green grass can certainly appeal to buyers. If you are adding a Garden, it should be simple and easy to care for so as not to intimidate buyers with the thought of maintaining it all!

The Front Door

Where all buyers will enter. I know I mentioned doors already but this one nagging issue has been very noticeable in my career. Make sure your front door and locks work! I can't tell you how many times I've shown a house and had to wrestle the front door open or jiggle the key around for it to work. Getting people in the door should be effortless! Please, Please, Please replace the handle and deadbolt if they cause any resistance when entering your home, and make sure that doors swing open easily at the push of the handle. No shoulder bumps allowed!

The Foundation

This goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyways - any known existing problems with your foundation should be repaired before you list. Structural problems, Leaks, and Cracks should be properly repaired by a professional (with a warranty if possible). Ensure proper grading around your home and make sure your downspouts direct water as far away from your foundation as possible.

Exterior Lighting

This a simple and effective way to improve the outside appearance. It also improves functionality. Making sure the exterior of your home is well lit is very important, especially if you are selling you home from late fall to late winter. In any case all lights should have working bulbs and be turned on for showings in the evening.

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