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Just because you're set to sell your home doesn't mean that you can neglect to maintain it, especially with winter fast approaching. Not only can prepping for the winter season help showcase some of the features which make your home unique (like a cozy fireplace), but the failure to adequately prep it for the season can result in home hazards that could impact the sale of your home, even after you've accepted an offer.

Here are some winter maintenance tips that you need to be thinking about this fall:

Plumbing Prep:

Your home's pipes can be a big issue during the cold winter months, so blow out your sprinkler system and take any outdoor hoses indoors. Don't forget to shut off the water to exterior outlets and open up the spigot on the outside so that any trace of water is removed. We also recommend insulating any pipes that have the potential to freeze. Pipes that freeze have the potential to break - and when pipes break within the home, they can create a flooded mess.

Showcase the Fireplace:

Have a fireplace? Show it off to potential buyers! Have the chimney cleaned and ready to go so that you can entice would-be buyers on the coziness and comfort of your home.

Clean the Gutters:

If your gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, winter rain or snowmelt won't drain properly, possibly leading to water damage and foundation damage that is expensive to repair.

Have Your Furnace Checked Out:

Have a Professional HVAC Tech come out to the home to perform a tune-up, maintenance, and any necessary repairs before it gets cold enough to really need the heat on.

Check for Drafts:

Inspect the windows and doorways and caulk gaps as warranted. You can even amp up your efforts by placing thin, insulating film around the windows or insulators that fit underneath the door to help prevent heat from escaping the home.

Mulch (Don't Rake) Leaves:

If you don't experience heavy leaf build-up (like me!), put your lawnmower on a low height setting and mulch your leaves so that they mix in with the grass blades across your lawn. The benefit? The leaves will decompose and act as a winter fertilizer so the lawn comes back healthy and vibrant in the spring.

Spruce Up Your Landscaping:

To piggyback off the previous point, we recommend trimming back bushes and tree branches that could come into contact with your house or your car. A big winter storm and these branches could scrape up your siding or your paint job on either.

What do you think is the most important thing you can prepare for in the fall to get your home ready for a winter sale? Let us know what you think!

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