The Importance of Location When House HuntingThere are many important factors to consider when buying a new home, and certainly high on the list is the location of the new property. Even something as innocuous as whether the home catches the sun in the morning or evening can influence a purchaser’s buying decision. This blog will explore location-based characteristics to consider when buying or selling property. It can be used by home buyers – to ensure they’ve considered all relevant location-related questions when inspecting a new property – and by sellers – to help accentuate the positive aspects of their land’s location when marketing their home.

How old is the house/neighbourhood

Certain parts of towns and cities were naturally built before others. It’s good to know how old the house and neighbourhood are when buying or selling. The age of the property can give you natural clues about the neighbourhood’s layout, the materials of which the property is constructed, and what sort of repairs may be needed in the future.

Proximity to Amenities

This is a common question people ask when they look at a new home. As a buyer, keep in mind your current and future travel arrangements: will you be able to drive to work, to purchase groceries, or possibly to take your kid(s) to school? If not, make note of the walking distance to essential services and be aware of the local bus routes. More uncommon things to consider are the property’s proximity to fire and police services, hospitals, and entertainment.

Location of Property Lines and Utilities

Knowing the location of property lines and utilities is essential when purchasing a new home. Too often, home improvement projects go awry because the new renovation, unknown to its builders, has moved onto another person’s land or public property. This goes for utility lines, too. Whole landscaping projects have been ruined because, underneath them, a sewer or water line has burst. We hope this blog will help you when it comes time to making decisions about property. For more property buying tips, check out our other blogs. And don’t forget to contact Dewar Realty in Cambridge, ON for assistance with your next property purchase or sale.

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